Venezuela, I am your voice


In the last several weeks, I have been actively tweeting about what has been going on in Venezuela. Having been born in Caracas, Venezuela, I feel it is my duty to share as much information about my country so that the world is aware, which is why I am writing this post. The majority of my family still lives in the South American country and every time I see an image or watch a video of the violence that goes on, I cry because I feel that I can’t help them. Until recently I realized that I can. As long as I share their stories, I know I am making a difference. Don’t be ignorant of what goes on in countries like the Ukraine and Venezuela. Feed yourself with news because most of those people have nothing to feed on.

While U.S. college students begin their Spring Break filled with drinking, tanning, studying, sleeping, and doing nothing else, Venezuelan college students are out in the streets trying to peacefully protest against a corrupt and violent government. I ask that you take a minute of each day of your break to give thanks for what you have. For the opportunities provided in this country. For your safety, for the abundance of food and other basic necessities. I ask that you pray for those college students and every other person not just in Venezuela but in other countries fighting for their freedom, fighting oppression. No one deserves to live like this. Just image fighting another student in your grade school for a desk, imagine going days without toilet paper or bread, imagine loosing a friend or family member because he or she wouldn’t give his or her cell phone to a stranger with a gun. Just imagine what the rest of the world goes through. Everyone can help these people by sharing the truth. In Venezuela, and in many other countries, newscasts aren’t allowed to report on what goes on in the streets or the rest of the world. There is no democracy, no justice, no first amendment rights, no human rights. Thank you for reading this but don’t keep this information to yourself. Don’t be selfish. Let the world know the truth.

Follow my twitter account @andrea_carroz and the following hashtags for for more information #SOSVenezuela #PrayforVenezuela #ResistenciaVzla #IAmYourVoiceVenezuela #YoSoyTuVozVenezuela #VenezuelaNoEstásSola


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