Here I will post a collection of designs and articles for publications such as HOME, BusinessThe Gainesville Sun, WUFT News, The Tampa Triune, The Independent Florida Alligator, Alachua County Today, among other forms of print and online media. I have also included prominent designs produced in UF courses.

University of Florida Center for Leadership and Service:

Advantage Publishing Inc. (Home & Business advertisements):

Graduate Course work in the Web Design and Online Communications Graduate Certificate program:

  • Corporate and Brand Identity on the Web (class focused on Illustrator):
  1. Course Portfolio: includes all class projects
  • Digital Design & Layout (class focused on InDesign):
  1. Cook book on Spain cuisine
  2. Guide Book on UF in Seville, a study abroad program, which I attended summer 2014
  3. UF in Seville study abroad print and web flyer
  4. Mock magazine pages on daycare and a retirement home ad
  • WebDesign Principles (class focused on Photoshop):
  1. Course Portfolio: includes all class projects

The Gainesville Sun:

The Tampa Tribune:

JOU 3411 Design – UF course taken in spring 2013:

Alachua County Today:

The Independent Florida Alligator:

HerCampus UF:

Holbrook Travel blog posts:

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